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If you are looking for a web host and have never done this before, you are in for one hell of a task, there are many hosts out there, and they all promise many things. Howeve if you are new to this thing you might not even know if these things are right for you, and if you will ever use what they promise.

This is where we step in, we will try and provide short articles that will make things clear, you could try and check out a section called Blogs for exmaple, to find out what are the things to look for if you are planning to host a blog, or use a blog template.

We just started, so check up on the site every few days for new content and information on web hosting.


February 4th, 2010

Web hosting is a term that was introduced to the markets when the internet started booming, and with no surprise soon you had...
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February 4th, 2010

The most important factor in choosing a host is the number of domains it lets you host on thier server, even if you do not plan on hosting more than one
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What is Dedicated IP

Not all hosting companies offer the dedicated IP option, however this might be of crucial importance for you and your site.
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This site will

Introduce the concept of web hosting to you, even if this is the first time you ever even heard about it. Make the basics clear and the main issues easy to solve.

Web Hosting Basics

Discuss the pros and cons of every hosting plan and the major companies out there, providing you with the information you need to start your hosting.

Which Host?

Talk about the benefits of some applications and the over rated hype of others, keeping you in the best route for cheap and solid hosting.

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