The Basics of Web Hosting


Every site on the net is made out of pages, and each oneof these pages has been created and kept on a computer, just like the one you are using right now. Because of the growth of the internet it is best to keep your site, or actually the pages that make up your site, on a different computer, not your own.

In other words, a host is someone who is willing to take care of the files of your site for you, and make sure that the computer that they are on is working most of the time, and is safe.

So when you are looking for a web host, you are really looking for someone to keep the pages of your site (and all other files that come with it) safe and protected, and that will make sure that the computer they are stored on will be online most of the time (so other people could access the site), that is all web hosting is, not very complicated, is it?.


February 4th, 2010

Web hosting is a term that was introduced to the markets when the internet started booming, and with no surprise soon you had...
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February 4th, 2010

The most important factor in choosing a host is the number of domains it lets you host on thier server, even if you do not plan on hosting more than one
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What is Dedicated IP

Not all hosting companies offer the dedicated IP option, however this might be of crucial importance for you and your site.
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Web Hosting Basics

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